Hey Dick wakes up to discover he has somehow acquired breasts while he was sleeping. They’re rather nice breasts, and he had only gotten in from patrol three hours previous, so he rolls from his stomach onto his back and goes back to sleep.

He wakes up again a few minutes later to the sound of a rather feminine sounding screech coming from down the hall. Jumping out of bed on reflex, he stumbles as soon as his feet touch the floor because his hips don’t normally move like that, and his chest feels suspiciously heavy, and is it just him or is the floor closer than it usually is? He looks down and pauses, dazedly contemplating his chest.

Right, boobs.

What the hell?

The screech comes again, louder this time, so Dick shrugs and walks awkwardly to the door. It’s weird, because his hips have more sway, and his new rack bounces every time he takes a step, and his center of gravity has relocated, but he makes it to the hallway with minimal fuss.

It doesn’t last. Down the hall, the door to Damian’s room is open, and the boy himself is looking at his reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall in between their rooms. His face is an unattractive shade of red and contorted into a rather dubious expression, he’s spluttering incoherently, and he’s clutching his own newly grown set of breasts. Alfred is standing next to Damian, the only discernible differences being his slightly shorter stature and longer hair, a rather put-upon expression on his face.

Dick starts laughing so hard he looses his balance and falls on his ass.

"What is going on?" a rather deep female voice thunders, and Dick looks over his shoulder and sees Bruce with his robe hastily thrown over his sleep pants. He’s been miraculously turned female as well, and the disconcerted expression on his face sends Dick into a fresh bout of laughter.

"WE HAVE BEEN TURNED INTO WOMEN!" Damien shrieks, his voice going hilariously high. "GRAYSON, STOP YOUR HYSTERICS IMMEDIATELY!"

"Something seems to have affected out biology, sir." Alfred says, completely unfazed, and Bruce sighs.

"Damian, that’s enough. Alfred, could you go see if anyone else has been affected?"

"Certainly, sir." Alfred says, and walks down the hall to the computer terminal in the parlor.

Dick manages to stop laughing and slowly hoists himself up from the ground. “Batcave?” he asks, and Bruce nods.